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The Lord of the Rings. Dzh.Tolkin - a magnificent collection of ringtones composed of Laurelled books of JRR Tolkien's "The Hobbit, or There and Back" and the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings." A stunning novel by English writer JRR Tolkien, the most famous work of fantasy. As is known to have been written after divided into three parts. In the form of a trilogy, it is published to this day.

One of the most popular books of modern times, translated into 38 languages, clearly influenced the literature of fantasy. The incredible success of the film adaptation of the book brought, created by director Peter Jackson.

"The Hobbit" in which - as it is coming in a big, exciting and dangerous journey under the title "Lord of the Rings." Easy to read and fascinating tale "The Hobbit," of course, is directed to children, but still not acquainted with all the children's world, and partly because not every adult is willing to reflect on what is described in the pages of remarkable work. A delightful translation that is easy to read, a stunning detailed comments that open and mythical fantasy world of Tolkien.

The product tells us about the exciting adventures in the War of the Ring, which was more than a thousand years. Anyone who would own the Ring, had unlimited power over all living and the dead, but on condition that it is necessary to serve the Evil! Quite young hero Frodo are coming heroic journey, he has to destroy the One Ring. So begins an incredible journey of heroes.

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