Vocabla: English vocabulary - a wonderful app on Android for additional learning English. In today's world, we really need English, so this app will teach you more than 300 English words in a month.

The question arises whether it is possible and how it works:

When acquainted with a new English word, write it in Vocabla and learn it.

Vocabla has features and capabilities:

1. Your English is taught through the following languages: Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Vietnamese, Turkish, Portuguese, Polish

2. excellent opportunity to study with terms in English

3. smart cards to store the material is able to test with different answers, is able to conduct written tests

4. great library of words

5. full access to the lists and their load

6. Statistics present your achievements

5. has a user rating

6. there are custom translations of terms

7. excellent audio pronunciations

Good luck!

Download Vocabla apk Free 3.66 MB version 2.0

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