Talking Friends Superstar


Talking Friends Superstar - a great application that uses only toys series Talking Friends Superstar ringtones. All the favorite characters are very positive and you have a mobile device.

How to use:

You need to be sure that your game is on, when you decided to run the application. It should be noted that the game itself that is Superstar automatically establish a connection with your application when you run it, it will appear on the screen when the hero wakes up game.

In order for the game started, just need to press one of the buttons and the distinctive sound of the voice Superstar. You can choose the sound at its discretion, by pressing the "Rotate Screen", which is in the lower right-hand corner.

Perhaps such that the yoke is silent, then you should:

1. check to see if the battery is discharged

2. need to make sure the game is included Superstar

3. it is important to be sure that your mobile device is quite close to your toy Superstar

4. need to make sure the volume on your mobile device at least 50%

5. need to know that nothing is blocking the speaker

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