Talking Ginger - Ginger speaking


Talking Ginger - lovely and very cute Little Red speaking on Anroid. Like all obedient children, obedience to parents, getting ready to sleep. Do not forget about the fact that you need to take a shower, dry off, do not forget about the teeth and, of course, to go to the potty. Let's help him.

When you help him, you can open a new history of fabulous dreams Sandy, and they are many - they are 60. Let's put it all! In addition, Ginger is able to repeat everything that tell a nice little voice, is able to manifest itself when it scratching, stroke, touch.

Try recording movies with Ryzhik and show it to your friends, but if you wish, you can send and e-mail or MMS.

It is important that the initial launch of the application required to download additional 6-42 MB in volume in order to achieve high-quality graphics on your mobile device.

Talking Ginger - Ginger speaker is able to:

- Able to repeat your phrase.

- Able to respond to touch.

- Button "Toilet paper" will start a mini-game.

- Button "Shower" will wash.

- Button "Clock" dry.

- Button "toothbrush", cleans teeth.

- Button "Toothpaste", add the paste.

Button "Timer", will control the time for cleaning the teeth.

- Button 'Puzzle', will see all of the collected puzzles.

Toothpaste can be obtained as follows:

- Wheel of Fortune will help you win a free toothpaste.

- Subscribing to a reminder of the toothbrush, you get 1 free toothpaste daily.

- Do not forget to watch the video or choose another convenient option for you to get a treasured free pasta.

- Carry out in-app purchase. Great opportunity to get an incredible endless supply of pasta.


Download Talking Ginger - Ginger speaking apk Free 17.25 MB version 1.4.1

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