Talking Santa meets Ginger


Talking Santa meets Ginger - adventures of the well-known Ryzhik continue on Android. Meet our hero pretty and cute Little Red is the nephew of the Talking Tom. Along with his uncle, they went to the mall, where there was an incredible meeting Ryzhik with Santa.

It is important to note that the initial launch of Talking Santa meets Ginger, the application will prompt to download additional 4-43 MB of data, only to was more colorful graphics on your mobile device. Do not give up, because the program will not work.

Everyone's favorite Santa would be extremely surprised with how wonderful Ryzhik he will have to communicate, and how many more surprises waiting for him.

Once Ginger is in Santa's lap, he did not ask his cherished gifts and pranks bude: and push, and set on fire, and stick your finger in your nose, and pull, and give gifts to surprise and a lot more different Ginger prepared for Santa. The fact that you have fun - that's for sure.

Be sure to send individual Christmas gifts to friends and loved ones

Be sure to share your cute and funny Christmas cards featuring Santa, Ryzhik and other Talking Friends!

Talking Santa meets Ginger is possible:

- Tell Santa what to repeat Ryzhik.

- Look at Santa's funny reaction when you tickle him or spank.

- Check that will be, when will push or tickle Ryzhik.

- You can pull the train off the rails.

- Listen to the ringing bell on the Christmas tree by shaking your mobile device.

- To hear a dial tone, press the "train whistle".

- Button "cat's paw" will be different ways to get to Santa.

- Button "fire" set fire to the Santa hat (paid version).

- Button "gift" and Ginger again will present Santa with surprise ticking a box (paid version).

- Button "card" will help to send individual Christmas cards (using email, MMS or Facebook).

- Create a video and post it in

And even submit them via email or MMS.



Download Talking Santa meets Ginger apk Free 10.93 MB version 1.1.1

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