Secret of the name


Secret of the name - a great app for Android, which will help solve the mystery of the name. In fact far for anybody not a secret that it is very important to give the correct birth name, because the name affects the character and even the fate of man.

Each name is laid sense, so it is not hard to guess what talents a person has, or vice versa, where his weak spot. To date, modern parents, and even our ancestors, before giving the child the name interested in its value.

The name itself will help you to discover the secret curtain of human nature, at a difficult time to find the right words or take corrective action. Also, it is important to understand that a lot of himself to the end. Check the value of your name, then will know whether it's true or not.

This is a great app to help you understand your inner self and give the correct name for his child.

Download Secret of the name apk Free 904 KB version 1.2

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