Compass - Smart Compass


Compass - Smart Compass - this is the first intelligent, accurate and secondly and most importantly easy to use compass to support the camera on Android, which can be useful in the life of an adult, and student.

A stunning and versatile tool for measuring azimuth using a magnetic sensor.

Compass - Smart Compass is able to:

1. able to work in portrait or landscape orientation

2. can display the camera images for greater clarity

3. is a function of the metal plus a display of strength of the magnetic field.

It should be noted that the work of this application is entirely dependent on your mobile device. If the reading is incorrect, check the values ​​of the magnetic field strength.

Compass - Smart Compass has other additional features Pro-version:

- Can determine the location by GPS coordinates and send via SMS

- The speed control sensor poll

- For convenience, there is an axis of orientation

- Able to support a variety of coordinate systems

- There is a military reference system (MGRS, mil)

- It is important, it does not require an Internet connection


Download Compass - Smart Compass apk Free 1.2 MB version 1.5.3

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