World of Warcraft Armory


World of Warcraft Armory - a great app for Android, which allows you to view information about the characters and the auction you have on your mobile device! Thanks to this wonderful application you have the ability to access certain features of World of Warcraft. You do not need to enter the game in order to see the characters to monitor the statistics, equipment, use the auction, search for characters, items, guilds, and more - all this can be done directly from your mobile device.

Also you have the opportunity to register for the service «World of Warcraft without borders", in this case, use an additional set of features:

"The auction for the Armory" - this means that you are:

- At the auction, or your faction auction game world calls for bids on items that are in your bags, inventory or mailbox.

- A completely self-tender, and buying lots.

- Get the gold from the sale or take away gold when someone broke your bet.

"Guild chat for the Armory" - this means that you are:

- Participate in guild chat and officer chat.

- Can confidential dialogue with the members of your guild.

To subscribe to the «World of Warcraft without borders" must have a valid subscription to the game, as long as you need to pay an additional fee, which is carried out once a month. More information at

To use this application you need a connection Airtime or Wi-Fi. For authorization need an account World of Warcraft or Create a account, please visit Open a trial account World of Warcraft, which runs for 10 days for free, please visit

Languages ​​that are supported in the application: English, Français, Deutsch, Español (Latinoamérica), Español (Europa), Português, Russian, 한국어 (Korean).

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Download World of Warcraft Armory apk Free 7.82 MB version 5.2.2

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