Kick The President


Kick The President - a great entertainment app for Android mobile devices. No one can deny that the President is the face of all the people, and the face of the state. Only thanks to this application you have a wonderful opportunity to give vent to his feelings, provided that the President does not like you. You can stretch out their hands to him, while not stretching out his legs. Relax and get a truly unforgettable experience.

In your arsenal of cool and intoxicating weapon that few acts to readjust the face of your president to your taste. Even if this is not your representative of the people and the state, but there are reasons why - that you do not feel sympathy for him, then try dolyubit his unusual way ... The question is how? Try and find out for yourself.

Capabilities and the ability to:

- Starring the application to the President of the United States Barack Obama!

- Excellent and varied arsenal of weapons;

- Original ways to change the appearance of the President;

- The more creative the face, the more money for new weapons!

Download Kick The President apk Free 27.15 MB version 1

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