Google Earth


Google Earth - an application for Android where the whole world, the whole planet you clearly. The app gives you a tremendous opportunity to change the world with one touch. Travel and meet intriguing distant countries and cities, from the comfort of home. Voice Search cities, streets, companies and simplify your search.

Layers of roads, borders, photos, streets and other relevant information. An astonishing number of cards: the current earthquake, routes, plans trips, city tours and more.

It should be noted that the Tablet PC users will appreciate the optimization for larger screens. Search, map orientation, work with layers and feature "My Location" facilitate an improved menu bar. A unique opportunity to view the photo-realistic 3D-building, which previously was only available in a version for desktop computers. In order to study the precise three-dimensional model of global interest, you must select the menu layer «3D-building."

The navigation system will please you:

- To rotate the globe, swipe your finger across the screen;

- To rotate the viewpoint and zoom pinch or spread your two fingers;

- In order to change the angle, swipe on the touch screen with two fingers;

- To approximate the image, double-tap the screen with your finger double-tap with two to delay.

Why praise the very fact that all have long known? Just free download and surprising - functional application.


Download Google Earth apk Free 8.46 MB version

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