Evernote - a great free office application, it is very easy to use, which will help you to memorize and store all the information on all the devices you use. With the application Evernote you can take notes, save images, create task lists, record voice reminders, quickly find the information you need with your own tags, and the most important thing that you can do it anywhere, no matter where you are: at home, at work or on the road.

With the application Evernote, you can:
- Sync notes on all your computers and devices;
- Create text notes, to-do lists and tasks;
- Save, synchronize files, with the ability to share them with other
- Create voice and audio notes;
- Search for text in the images;
- Organize notes by notebooks or on labels;
- Send notes via email and save tweets to your account Evernote;
- Connect Evernote to other used applications and products.
- Publish a note on Facebook and Twitter.
- Premium feature: offline notebooks with the ability to use them at any time
- Premium function: to provide your friends to edit your public notebooks
- Premium feature: add a PIN-code lock your app Evernote

Evernote also helps you to work, school and personal goals:
- You can add photos to the application of handwritten records (for example, writing on the blackboard in the classroom or lecture notes) and the book pages;
- You can take notes in class and meetings, sketching plans and methods for solving the current problems;
- To plan a trip: keep track of travel plans, book tickets and passports;
- To maintain and uparyadochivat recipes, then you can search for recipes by ingredients;
- Create shopping lists and tasks and check off completed items;
- View web pages saved in Evernote;
- Capture ideas and impressions "on the fly";
- To work with files and notes that were created on a mobile phone using your computer;
- To monitor the products and prices to make the most advantageous purchase;
- Clean up the finances: Keep receipts, invoices and contracts;
- To reduce the number of paper documents, photographing restaurant menus, business cards and labels;
- Use Evernote as organizer - following the principles of time management, so have time anymore.
- In order to use all the features of Evernote in full, install the application on all your computers and mobile phones.

Evernote app is available for these platforms:
- PS: Mac, Windows and Web
- Mobile phones: iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Palm WebOS, Windows Phone
- Tablet: Android, iPad
- Internet: Evernote for Web; Web Clipper for Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer.


Download Evernote apk Free 13.08 MB version 5.2.1

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