Locus Map Free


Locus Map Free - great programm on Android for those who want to focus on different areas and not get lost in the mountains, the woods or in the city. It is not a problem when you have at hand is this wonderful program. The right combination of maps and GPS - Navigation will not leave you without the help of the new place and help find a solution to any terrain.

Capabilities and features:

After installing the application, Locus Map Free welcome you in English, containing information about the program. Locus is positioned as a "multi-functional travel app that sooner or later will come in handy in everyday life."

It is important to note that you have to limit yourself to be more important in your view functions of the application, because it is so multi-functional Locus that the analysis of each of them right goes beyond the standard review.

So, the main panel is:

1.glavnoe menu

2.pole, which displayed a variety of information such as: name, map, GPS, coordinate, guide, time and battery status,

3. GPS (on and off GPS, view stats)

4. Data manager (POI, routes, etc.)

5. selection of online and offline maps for download

There is an opportunity for you to choose customize and change the items 3,4,5 as follows:

1. Functions: search, routes, parking, warning POI (Point of interest), a custom screen, weather and more.

2. Screens: Card Manager, Data manager, GPS, compass.

3. Miscellaneous: You can add convenient for you two right buttons on the main panel.

Control card is at the bottom. The button number 1 - the current location on the map, the button number 2 - map rotation, buttons, number 3 and number 4 - zoom in, zoom scale, the button number 5 - fixing viewpoint.

One of the most important features of the program - mutual support with topographic maps. It is safe to say that Locus - it countless number of cards that can and must be downloaded and viewed offline. This means that the program will not leave you a chance to get lost or stray from the right direction, even without an Internet connection.

There are two ways to navigate through the map: using the touch screen or buttons to zoom in, zoom the image. The application can display not only your site, but also show the direction pointed to by your mobile device.

Making the final conclusion:

Briefly describe and explain all the features of the software is impossible. Clear exactly what Locus Map Free impression of a rather serious set of features, options and maps. Beginners may seem a little complicated but well thought-out application is structured so that you will not get lost or get lost in its functions.

Before you purchase the full version, it would be well acquainted with the free trial version (Locus Free), which gives a fairly good understanding of the application as a whole.

Locus offers many stunning features which need to spend some time. But that's nothing compared with what the potential of the program you will discover and learn what it can do.

The program works fine, and its sub-menus open quickly, download maps instantaneous.


Download Locus Map Free apk Free 9.21 MB version 2.13.1

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