Red Bull TV


Red Bull TV - is a free application for the Android platform from the company Red Bull, which was, incidentally, founded over 27 years ago. The company is known worldwide for its energy and other beverages. The company is a sponsor of the Red Bull Formula 1 team, one of the most popular sporting event, as well as the organizer of various extreme events. There are, for example, a line of Casio watches from the company Red Bull.

So, the Internet has allowed Red Bull to win the company's new large segment of consumers, namely, people who lead a certain lifestyle, full of activities, extreme sports and great music. For them, the company Red Bull has developed an application in which you can find extreme video with the appropriate sound and music.

Features Red Bull TV app:

- There is a calendar of events

- For the application does not have to pay

- Lack of internal purchases

- High quality content

- Empowerment by Chromecast

applications Disadvantages:

- Does not support the Russian language

Summary: The application that will allow you to watch sporting events on your mobile device, and if it does not matter no Russian translation for you, be sure to download and recharge your batteries, which is based on its content.


Download Red Bull TV apk Free 25.27 MB version

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