Shazam - application for Android by Shazam Entertainment Limited Developer Platform, a product that is serious competition for such products like: TrackID ™ from Sony Mobile Communications Developer with the number of downloads and nearly 50 million of SoundHound SoundHound Inc. Developer with the number of downloads of about 100 million. So the number of application downloads Shazam has long exceeded 100 million, but has not yet reached a figure of 500 million.

What are the applications and why are they so popular? Imagine the situation - you are somewhere in a club or at a party with friends. The music is playing, you really like it, but you do not know her and do not know the artist, and so want to know. With the Shazam app is very simple. Remove the mobile device, call the Shazam program, click on the round button and all.

Then the application runs. How? The program listens to music using your device speakers and compares to listen to an excerpt from the database on the server that is already stored almost 11 million tracks. Match is found, the program gives you the necessary information, namely: the song title and artist, which you can do as you wish - whether you leave it in the tags, or export to a text editor, or send email, SMS-message etc., and maybe, just forget it.

Shazam app is made in two versions: a free, second - paid, it costs $ 3. The paid version has more features, but it is necessary to you? .... After all, developers are not standing still and improve their product. Today, Shazam is a huge array that contains news, possibility to order tickets, the ability to search and many other features and functions.


Download Shazam apk Free 28.17 MB version 6.4.0-16

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