edjing - DJ mixer


edjing - DJ mixer - is an application design and develop not only for the Android platform and has long taken a strong position in musical circles. At present, the number of downloads is approaching 50 million, reflecting the considerable popularity. This application - this is the version 4.3.7, so developers have shown skill and provided new features and capabilities.

The app offers you a huge musical world in which there is no limit to your musical possibilities and fantasies. It will satisfy the most discerning music lovers and will make you a present of the DJ, the degree of professional skill judge for yourself depending on how you need it, because the application opens up opportunities for teaching and learning. Some elements of the application are available for free, some you can buy, it all depends on your goals.

The process of evolution of the application was quite long, and during that time, the program has grown into one of the best in its category, very functional, able to give you wide opportunities, if there is a need and willingness to pay.

The main characteristics and advantages of the application edjing - DJ mixer:

Supports all android versions 4.0 and above

· Supported screen resolution is not 3.7 or higher, regardless of size

· Recommended RAM - at least 1 gigabyte

· The ability to place their creativity in Facebook, Twitter, Google+

· The opportunity to expand the audience of his fans

· Search and comfortable access to the library

· The ability to create your own playlist with your settings

· Possibility to use the mixes SoundCloud

· The opportunity to pre-assembly

· Many proposals for synchronization and transitions

· Support the long tracks more than one hour

· In-store payment is offered a large number of interesting effects

· In the paid version has a special mixer Deezer - a bomb

· Free download

Negative application properties edjing - DJ mixer:

· For the pleasure you have to pay, so for the fun need to fork

Summary: If you are not a music lover, download the sake of interest, all of a sudden like, and for those who like to mix music, this app - an indispensable source of pleasure.


Download edjing - DJ mixer apk Free 28.02 MB version 4.3.7

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