My Voice Changer (free)


My Voice Changer (free) - Vox Fx - awesome and a vital program for your Android. Do you have a desire, and perhaps need to change your vote? It's simple - record your own voice, and in the editor change it, establishing all sorts of effects. Improvising all sorts of options, you have a chance to get an unexpected result. Next, improvise! Once you have the opportunity to create a male, female, baby voice, moreover, you can create an incredible voice and not just monsters.

My Voice Changer (free) have the ability to:
1. Helium - is a well-known effect of helium, well, who such a laugh not to like?
2. Tremolo - incredible effect voice that trembles
3. Flanger - a truly mesmerizing effect of "space" sound
4. Reverb - a little magical effect of reflected sound
5. Distort - distortion effect in voice
6. Terrific opportunity to play in the opposite direction, fun is not it?
7. Can accelerate the playback.

Also, an incredible number of options, namely the creation of the votes, men, women, child, monster voice of dungeons and many more surprises that you can surprise.

Surprisingly, but the fact that absolutely all the special effects you can combine and use simultaneously. Class.

Have a good mood!


Download My Voice Changer (free) apk Free 7.79 MB version 2.4

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