Dust bunny sweep!


Dust bunny sweep -! Fun game for android platform, in which you will get out of the house, a broom sweeping away all the dust from the playing field. I accumulated a lot of dust, and its clubs have taken the form of funny rabbits. They all need to sweep under the rug, to pass the level. The controls are very simple, you can send the broom in the right direction with one finger, but do not click thoughtlessly. To complete the task, think over every move, because you will find a lot of clever traps and various obstacles.

The main properties of the game Dust bunny sweep !:

- Interesting gameplay with 96 levels

- Beautiful design in a nice graph

- Clear and easy control

- Funny and amusing characters


Download Dust bunny sweep! apk Free 45.91 MB version 1.0.1

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