Pull My Tongue


Pull My Tongue - game for android platform from the developer Noodlecake Studios Inc., made ​​in the genre of puzzle. The developer is known for a number of game projects, which are made ​​very well and originally, the game Pull My Tongue is not an exception, it can be confidently attributed to the great puzzles.

The protagonist is a chameleon, whose name is Greg. He is very fond of popcorn, and constantly hungry. On the 90 levels of the game you have to produce popcorn, benefit from Greg's a very long tongue, which can get popcorn from the most remote places, as language can turn and twist through a process of stunning physics.

As noted, currently 90 levels in the game. To unlock the next level you need to collect as many stars, so collect the stars that are scattered in different places. If the star is not enough, you have to go through the level again, until there is the right amount. As you progress through levels of complexity will increase - will be dangers and obstacles that should be avoided.

The game was not without minor flaws. This little bit of advertising and Donat.

Summary: The mentioned small flaws did not spoil this amazing puzzle, the more that you can easily do without Donato.


Download Pull My Tongue apk Free 50.17 MB version 1.3.1

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