Cupcake Mania: Moscow


Cupcake Mania: Moscow - a game for android platform in the genre of "three in a row" from the creators of the popular gaming projects "Hunt for gems" and Bubble Mania ™, which will plunge you into the world of sweets Moscow.

The main character, a voracious sweet tooth bear Bruno, travel around the world, was in Moscow, where, however, all attempts to pull off sweet cakes and other goodies. Your task - to stop the sweet tooth and not let him steal the most delicious sweets in Moscow. Run the task will help Heidi - guru sweets. Collect different sweets - cakes, donuts, pastries, and other - in series of three or more of the same, but do not let the little bear to get close confectionary masterpiece, because he gobbled them with pleasure.

The main properties of the game Cupcake Mania: Moscow:

- The gameplay takes place at more than 800 levels

- Beautiful design in the beautiful graphics

- The ability to get the gain (or Keksotryasenie Tack) for the successful completion of the test

- There is an interesting puzzle

- The availability of the bonus system

- Developer support - constant updates containing new levels, tests, sweets

Download Cupcake Mania: Moscow apk Free 49.63 MB version

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