Brain It On! - Physics Puzzles


Brain It On! - Physics Puzzles - a very exciting game for the android platform from the developer Orbital Nine, which really can help you even more to raise the intellectual level, because it will offer many challenges and perform many tasks, which are based on the laws of mechanical physics laid.

The goal is to draw a mechanism, each time at zero. What distinguishes this game from other puzzles, so it's something that does not have any ready-made solutions, there is a problem, and your question - to find a solution for it. On the playing field, which is a canvas for painting, it is an object. Here is an example for a better understanding of your actions. The object on the playing field is a cup, which is located inside the ball. the next task is put forward before you do so that the ball fell to the floor. To solve this problem, you can, for example, represent over a cup of stone that fell overturn a cup and the ball rolled out on the floor. The game contains a large number of tasks and even a huge number of solutions.

How is the job? Successfully completed assignment is assessed stars, the maximum amount which may be three. But the three stars can be obtained only in the case when the three prerequisites: You have completed the task, and made it no more than 10 seconds, and at the same time drew only one subject. Otherwise, you lose a star. Some levels contain the red zone, which is forbidden to draw anything. This complicates the task.

The main properties of the game Brain It On! - Physics Puzzles:

- Every problem can be solved in many ways

- The creation of a global ranking, which includes your results

- The opportunity to share with friends extraordinary solutions

- Continued support from the developer - updates with new jobs

Negative characteristics of the game Brain It On! - Physics Puzzles:

- Presence of a small Donati

- A large number of video and other advertising

Summary: an interesting project that has all the chances of dizzying success and popularity due to its originality.


Download Brain It On! - Physics Puzzles apk Free 31.54 MB version 1.0.63

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