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T wofold inc -. Game for android platform, created in the genre of a concise and very addictive puzzle game, which at first glance may seem quite simple, but as you progress the difficulty level will become higher and higher.

The whole essence of the game is to connect the blocks of the same color, thus destroying them. Blocks can be moved in a horizontal direction, but do not always have much. On the challenging levels, except for the field with colored blocks, there are options such as the color of the indicator and the number of lives. You will lose a life every time you make a useless move. color LEDs match the colors of some blocks and show an even number. It is necessary to destroy the number of blocks that match the color of the color of the indicator, which when squared give the figure shown on the display. You can overfulfill demand indicator, but then the next indicator may qualify for extra units.

The main properties of the game T wofold inc.:

- Endless fun gameplay

- Unlimited number of levels

- Support for two game modes - normal and very complex

- Beautiful design

- Great sound

Negative characteristics of the game T wofold inc.:

- Paid Game

- There is no trial version

Summary: if the game was free, it would be a real hit, and since it is paid, you can simply say that it is concise and attractive, stylish and well-designed, entertaining and addictive.


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