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Tengami - platform game for Android from the developer Nyamyam Limited, a game in which the music is not the last. A stunning soundtrack written by David Weise.

In addition a great soundtrack, the game has another advantage - it is the story, is an interactive story based on Japanese culture and traditions. Your goal is to help the cherry tree, which remained without flowers and suffering. To do this, you have to perform many different tasks.

Next advantage of the game - its design, which can simply be described as a masterpiece, and that's it. You will go on a fascinating journey through a long and surprising locations, fully reveals the beauty of Japan. You will visit the impenetrable forests, beautiful valleys, ancient temples and other interesting places where you are waiting for exciting adventures.

As the game will need to collect the flowers (probably at the end will need to find the glue and glue them in place), while avoiding a variety of hazards and similar unpleasant situations, which will form the basis of the gameplay.

Key features of the game Tengami:

- An exceptional gameplay, which is able to soothe

- Great music

- Beautiful design

- Detailed and carefully detailed locations

- The game supports multiple languages

Negative characteristics of the game Tengami:

- For the game you need to pay $ 3, no trial

Summary: The perfect combination of an interesting story, beautiful music and magnificent design your enjoyment of just three dollars.


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