The Great Wobo Escape Ep.1


The Great Wobo Escape Ep.1 - game for android platform from Czech developer, who created this platform game for fans of industrial, robots and exciting adventures.

The protagonist - a small robot that gets into trouble, displaying courage and responsibility. Somewhere far away in space there are mines, which is a closed space, in which the robots work only, among them our hero. Failure occurred in the mine led to the suspension of production, and all the robots, sensing a certain degree of freedom, began to commit bad deeds. Your hero, on the contrary, he felt a great responsibility for their own survival, for the fate of the other robots and the entire mine.

Key features of the game The Great Wobo Escape Ep.1:

- A large number of content

- The perfect design in a beautiful modern graphics

- Exceptional visual style

- A large number of enemies and traps

- Suitable for both adults and children

- Free download

Negative characteristics of the game The Great Wobo Escape Ep.1:

- The cost of the full version of the first episode (and behind it are the following) - five and a half dollars

- Increased demands on the capabilities of the mobile device

- Large consumption of battery

To play you need to download cache, address: sd / android / obb

Summary: The story that will appeal to fans of all scientific, embodied in modern platformer fans of games about robots and all those who prefer high-quality game projects.


Download The Great Wobo Escape Ep.1 apk Free 19.85 MB version 1.0.3013

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