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Shifter - puzzle game for the android platform with a delightful graphics due to the fact that the 8-bit smoothed out so that you will not see the pixels. The game is pretty simple at first glance.

You have to control the main character, to skip to the next level, you need to open the door and enter. The door opens the button you want to hold, throwing her drawer. From the start level is divided vertically or horizontally into two parts, then four, and so on. The level ends when you reach the desired result, the changing of the seats. The level is complicated by the fact that there are monsters that should be avoided, and traps that do not need to enter.

Key features of the game Shifter:

- The gameplay is organized on 24 levels

- A large number of events at every level

- Excellent design in the beautiful graphics

- The use of interesting mechanics and intuitive operation

- Lack of Donata and other in-game purchases

Negative properties games Shifter:

- Paid game - the dollar value of the floor

- Enough levels

Summary: exciting jobs of moderate complexity in the beautiful game Shifter can attract a lot of users, especially if many of these will not regret for that little money.


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