Catch the Pets!


Catch the Pets! - Platform game for Android from the developer Gopla, which has already won half a million downloads. This game developer Catch the Pets! - The first attempt to create a game for the Android platform, which, by the way, turned out not "lumpy." The game is very suitable for those who just want to kill some time, because the gameplay is very simple, and the game in general is a snap. The main task - to catch animals, and each new level offers to catch the animal ran away from home, which in game three - a fox, pig, rabbit.

How to catch little animals? We need to drive it into a trap. The trap itself is produced by hulling units after each of your turn. It is necessary to keep the little animals on the block. Your action is to click on the blocks that you want to remove. At the same time, moving in one direction or another, little animal would do everything possible to avoid being caught in a hopeless situation. It is clear that you need to catch the animal for a minimum number of moves.

The game is framed in a good schedule, the animals were very cute. The main advantages of the game Catch the Pets! - Is the absence of any Donat, ie in-game purchases, and the fact that the game can be downloaded free of charge. But there is a small spoon of tar - is the presence of advertising.

Summarizing, we can say that the game makes a very good impression, despite some monotony of the gameplay, and the main advantages give it a certain competitive advantage.


Download Catch the Pets! apk Free 8.6 MB version 1.0.0

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