Chess fusion


Chess fusion - a game for the Android platform, which offers chess games with fairly strong opponents, which you can, however, put in an impossible position if you think fast and make unpredictable moves. A strong contender in the game can be as artificial intelligence computer or a real player from anywhere in the world. When you select a computer as an opponent, you can change the level of his skill. This game will allow you to improve your skills in the game of chess, give you the opportunity to use their strategy to defeat an opponent. If it becomes necessary to interrupt the game, you always kept it, you can return to it.

Key features of the game Chess fusion:

· The ability to select the level of difficulty

· Ability to save unfinished game

· The ability to compete with other players

· Keep statistics of the results and achievements

To play you need to provide access to the Internet.

Download Chess fusion apk Free 32.53 MB version 2.2

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