Where's My Oil


Where's My Oil - platform game for Android, which can be attributed to the genre of challenging puzzles. In it you will become an oil producer and mining black gold for a rich sheikh.

In the story of the game you become an engineer and go to work to the sheikh, who want to become "oil" sheikh. Initially, your work on laying pipelines is fairly simple, but as you progress through the levels the problem is complicated, and you come across a three-dimensional model, reminiscent of Rubik's Cube. The pipeline must be laid so that the oil reached the surface as quickly as possible. After reaching a certain level, you will hardly cope with the tasks. You will need spatial thinking, and the number of tubes will increase. Each time, your employer will put in front of you new challenges, among which, for example, pipe laying for a limited number of moves. We'll have to break your head!

Key features of the game Where's My Oil:

- More than 300 layers separated by 5 episodes

- Is characterized by a relatively high degree of difficulty

- The level of difficulty is constantly increasing

- The solution of problems requires engineering approach

- The most persistent waiting unimaginable rewards

- Free download, free levels

Negative characteristics of the game Where's My Oil:

- Inconvenient administration

- Donut, but not extensive

Summary: an incredibly exciting game with a high degree of complexity, and if the creators finalize the management, it will be unbeatable today.


Download Where's My Oil apk Free 33.97 MB version 1.1

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