Join Nums


Join Nums - a brand new great game for the Android platform from the developer ADVANCED ILLUSION, which miraculously united puzzle and puzzle. Despite the fact that the developer is the first game for the Android platform, it turned out well.

Due to the fact that it is a symbiosis of the elements on the game board have a certain place in the puzzle, but you need a good think about every move. Each level contains
limited the playing field. It blocks are placed with the figures which need to be joined to the other, depending on the number and the block color, i.e. blocks need to attach a single color.

The game was not easy, and it is not a puzzle, but the creators have developed a convenient system of hints, but not indefinitely. Number of tips is limited. If you run out of the limit, you can add tips, viewing ads, that in general it is fair.

Key features of the game Join Nums:

- A simple design

- Classic gameplay

- A huge (over 700!), The number of levels

- Handy hint system

Negative characteristics of the game Join Nums:

- The lack of action, which, however, is typical of the genre

- A bit of advertising

- Donat

Summary: a great opportunity to train gyrus gray matter. With so many levels, you are guaranteed not to be bored, and advertising, and Donath did not bend.

Download Join Nums apk Free 23.05 MB version 1.0.6

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