Mahjong Guru


Mahjong Guru - this ancient Chinese game, now on Android, not patience, not super puzzle for android platform is designed to give you pleasure. Game attention and promotes the reaction rate.

What is the essence of this ancient Chinese game. Inventory mahjong in the classic version was made of bamboo and bone. Therefore, there is a bamboo suit and pillbox, known in China as «tiao», «tung» and «wan». In addition to these, there are 4 bones, which mean respectively Wind Eastern, Southern, Western and Northern areas, as well as Red, Green and White Dragons, only three. You need to find the open pairs of identical items in order to remove them from the board. A pair is considered valid if the two elements in it are open and the same, for example, "bamboo" and "bamboo", "3" and "3".

Each element of the pair must meet the following requirements:

1. The other tiles are not even partially closes element pairs and is at the top

2. Another tile is not the left or to the right of couples

When the board there will be no pair of elements, the game will be over.

The main properties of the game Mahjong Guru:

· The ability to save games

· The ability to play with friends via Wi-Fi or access point (local area network, or IP)

· By pressing «Help» to get help

· The possibility of approximation on the basis of the camera on a mobile device

· Stunning design - design, game mechanics, sound and music

· Support for Russian and English languages.

Download Mahjong Guru apk Free 19.17 MB version 1.3

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