Adventures of Poco Eco

Game Logic 3d puzzle


Adventures of Poco Eco - the original arcade game for the Android platform in which you are enjoying the music and thinking, can wander through the beautiful locations. To think you have to solve exciting puzzles. The soundtrack for the game, which can be a decent copy in the collection of any music lover, created Hungarian composer who works under the pseudonym Iamyank.

In the story of the game you will meet with a strange creature, vaguely reminiscent of a cat. This, shall we say, a cat one day finds a cassette with music in which sounds are lost, and then meets a deity that sends you along with a cat on a journey. In this journey you have to find all the missing sounds.

You will find the sounds in unusual worlds, solving puzzles. Stepping on the large buttons, each of which is a bit of modernizing level, you will be able to open or close passages to open new buttons and so on. Wander through the beautiful locations, enjoying good music, you can endlessly, because you can not no losers or perish.

The main characteristics and advantages of the game Adventures of Poco Eco:

· Travel on a very unusual world of music

· Very beautiful, if somewhat confused locations

· Beautiful design with beautiful graphics and stunning music

· Interesting engineering riddles and puzzles

· No time limit

· Inability to lose or die

Negative characteristics of the game Adventures of Poco Eco:

· Lack of a free trial

· The cost of the full version - about $ 2

· Several monotonous and repetitive gameplay

· Focused on a narrow audience especially patient and diligent audiophiles

Summary: The game is designed more for fans, though very original, for which developers have the right to ask for a fee.


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