Almightree: The last dreamer


Almightree: The last dreamer - to restore order in the world in this game for the android platform. Some evil force sowed chaos in the world, and is now hovering in the sky islands fall into a bottomless abyss, taking with them the whole of the city and its inhabitants. Save the world can only mystical tree, and your task is to hold on to it confusing maze of the main protagonist, the last remaining hero. On the way to collect magic tree sprouts, avoid traps and dangers. Place your order and defeat the chaos, using the properties of your character and your ability to think logically ..

The main properties of the game Almightree: The last dreamer:

· Beautiful multicolor graphics

· Game contains more than one hundred levels

· Management holds a comfortable and intuitive

· Twenty stages of the game

To play you need to download cache, address: sdcard / Android / obb /



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