Ball Balance


Ball Balance - excellent puzzle game on Android. Do you know what the accelerometer? Yes, it is a device for measuring acceleration. With it, you need to roll the balls in this game if you are, of course, like.

Surely a child you played in the game where you have to roll the balls in the puzzle that is a transparent box with a labyrinth and the hole in which it was necessary to roll metal balls. Remember, it was pretty exciting. Later, with the advent of PC games, it was necessary to balance using the keyboard and mouse. Now, something like that developed for the Android platform, and you have a very focused to get quite complex, although a few levels of the game Ball - Balance.

Levels contain a lot of traps and obstacles that need to have time to go for a certain time, which also complicates the process. Levels a little bit, but there is an open map editor that allows you to create your own maps and use generated by other players.

The gameplay can be called straightforward because there is a ball, and it should be on a level ride. What distinguishes this game from the crowd of similar games, this design using excellent graphics and an elaborate physics along with high levels of complexity exactly.

The main characteristics and advantages of the game Ball - Balance:

· The ball, you want to ride on a level, may change their properties

· Off-line for you eight different maps available

· There are over hundreds of items from which you can create your own maps

· By Everyplay you can record the passage of levels

· Keep statistics achievements in the table of records

· There is a possibility of playing cards formed by other players, if the presence of an account in Google and Internet access

· Lack of Donata

· Per game do not pay

Negative properties Game Ball - Balance:

· Insufficient number of cards, I would like more

· Game is practically not supported by weak devices

Summary: For those with thoroughness and ability to concentrate when you create something of his, and for fans of this genre a great game.


Download Ball Balance apk Free 39.23 MB version 1.01

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