Diamond Dots Splash


Diamond Dots Splash - another game in a rather popular among Android users the genre of "three in a row", in which you need to collect gems, but somewhat simplified. You do not need to collect the stones of the same breed diagonally. Games in this genre are simple and are made usually bright multicolor graphics using a variety of effects.

As for the design of the game, it should be recognized that in terms of design is not something to complain about. The only drawback - a certain mediocrity, which is not impressive. The musical accompaniment is also nothing special.

Gameplay is similar to many of the same games. You collect gems in a row of the same breed, and at each level get the job. I must admit that some tasks quite complex and will require you to certain brain effort. The game has a training that will be very helpful in solving complex tasks, because learning how to apply different tricks and other features of the game.

The main properties of the game Diamond Dots Splash?

· Traditional game to collect the same elements

· Can say trivial

· Specify the average level of complexity

· Donat

· Abundance of advertising

· Free download

Summary: I must say that this game in the genre of "three in a row" is quite traditional and not much different from similar games. She has a big advantage - it is free, but the presence of Donati and presence of a large advertising render it a disservice, but probably some chances to win the popularity of the game has.

Download Diamond Dots Splash apk Free 15.25 MB version 1.2

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