100 Doors Legends


100 Doors Legends - good puzzle for Android. At one time the game about the doors were very popular and in demand, so some developers, as in this case Meeko Apps continue to produce them, in the hope of attracting the attention of former players. The game has 100 Doors Legends serves to open the door, breaking through challenging puzzles and solving problems. All game about doors alike as twins.

The game has a simple two-dimensional graphics and gameplay average. All that is - it is a door and a puzzle whose solution will allow you to open it and get out of the room. For the version of the game with graphics in HD you need to pay 99 cents. Despite the fact that the game is positioned as a totally free, it has Donat, without which, however, can do to pass the levels, but with some difficulty.

The simplicity of the gameplay, which consists of hundreds of puzzles (which declares the name of the game), can be attributed to the positive properties of the game, because it does not need to understand. Offers a variety of tasks, sometimes difficult and unusual, so the passage of the levels will have to spend a lot of time and use. all his mental faculties.

The main characteristics and advantages of the game 100 Doors Legends:

· Classically and traditionally made genre - the door will open, if you decide to puzzle

· Game requires logical and creative thinking

· At each level you will find a small action

· Large number of levels

· Many complex and exciting challenges

· For the game do not have to pay (except for the version in HD)

Negative characteristics of the game 100 Doors Legends:

· Imperfect graphics

· Lack of plot, so there is no complete

· There Donat

Summary: This game will suit lovers of open doors with the tasks and puzzles whose solution requires mental effort.

To play you need to download cache path: sd / android / obb


Download 100 Doors Legends apk Free 47.6 MB version 1.0.8

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