Feed the cat


Feed the cat - a great game for Android. I must say that the market of computer entertainment there are games in which you need to take care of your pet and feed it. These games have long gained its popularity, for example, the glorious and famous Cut the Rope. Game Feed the cat you will again offer to take care of our smaller brothers. You will feed the cats and sweets including, though, as we know, cats in real life can not be sweet, but here the game seals!

The main consumers of this product - children and cute girls and, of course, other users, fans of the genre. Simple gameplay, something like a "three in a row", but the levels are quite complex. Game looks very nice, try it, you will like it.

What is the essence of the game? In some cells the playing field sit hungry cats who want to eat and go to sleep, so do not care what you feed them, whether it be fish or cake. Food can be moved only horizontally or vertically, and running it in either direction, stop it halfway fail. After you pass a few simple levels, on the field will black holes. Do not let them eat, and then it disappears and the cats will be very unhappy. Black holes is the main obstacle that you need to overcome and which will require you to reflection and samples that take a long time, the benefit of the game contains many levels.

You have the ability to set records and thus take its rightful place in the ranking of the winners. For special achievements you get a reward.

Basic properties and features of the game Feed the cat:

- Hundreds of levels, each of which includes tips

- Good graphics, which can not not like it

- Low system requirements for design

- Support games from developers

- For the game do not pay

- Lack of Donata

Negative characteristics of the game Feed the cat:

"You do not like cats? You just do not know how to cook them, "and so, in general, negative qualities game does not have the

Summary: An excellent puzzle actually be to the level of Cut the Rope, and it does not make it, but the obvious reason for this is I do not see a thing in marketing, so let's hope that this game is a solid piece urvet!


Download Feed the cat apk Free 18.38 MB version 1.0.6
Download Feed the cat apk Free 18.46 MB version 1.0.5

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