Kitchen Scramble


Kitchen Scramble - excellent puzzle game in the style of puzzle on Android. You take on the role of the chef and supervises kitchen on wheels, that is, in the van. You can freely move that opens up the whole world and allows you to feed everyone. Gather items to make mouth-watering dishes and go on an exciting journey. Heroes that will apply to you, it's cartoon characters Disney.

Thanks to the game, you can learn how to cook, of course, the cooking process is very simplified, but the basics of cooking you can still grasp and understand what is and what is cooked that is fried and baked it, maybe you'll like the recipes, and you want to implement them in this kitchen.

Your task - to satisfy all customers. In the game, this problem is quite real, because for every client you cook your own hands a small masterpiece of culinary art.

For cooking you need to solve a kind of puzzle, which is to choose the right products and kitchen utensils. Probably, it is not difficult, but exciting. The Truth!

The main characteristics and advantages of the game Kitchen Scramble:

· Gameplay quite simple, affordable for everyone, but at the same time fascinating

· Beautiful design in the spirit of Disney

· Clients - Cartoon Characters

· More than a hundred real recipes of various dishes

· There are several cities in which citizens prefer local cuisine

· For best results, given the opportunity to re-transmission levels

· The ability to update and improve the kitchen equipment that will speed up the cooking process

· For certain features dishes you get a tip, and more money earned allows free upgrade to levels where asking for money

· Game relatively free

Negative characteristics of the game Kitchen Scramble:

· There is no translation into Russian

· The first 9 levels for free, but to go further, to ask for money, but if you earn on free levels enough money can go further without paying

· Technical problems - a large number of complaints about the crash and interrupt

Summary: a great game in the genre of "puzzle", especially suited to fans of Disney cartoons and, of course, for those who love food and love to cook, but keep in mind that the game has some technical problems, and it is not completely free.


Download Kitchen Scramble apk Free 40.89 MB version 1.3.0

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