Best Fiends


Best Fiends - a very exciting game for Android, which is full of puzzles and interesting adventures. Download the game for free on your mobile device and help small insects to fight the aggressive slugs Thunder Mountain.

According to the storyline in the country of miniatures, where there is Thunder Mountain, in peace and harmony once upon small bukashechki. A thunder-Mount lived slugs. So they all lived if Thunder Mountain rammed meteorite. And since then, the once friendly slugs under the influence of some mysterious force turned into a clique of thugs who have been eagerly devour every green. In addition, the evil slugs now held hostage relatives of insects. Of course, they certainly should be released and solve the mystery of Thunder Mountain.

Your task - to pump and refine insects, making them cool "guys" to help discover new abilities and skills to get to Thunder Mountain.

The main properties of the game Best Fiends:

• advanced gameplay puzzles

• fascinating puzzle that is solved simply, but to demonstrate mastery - it is very difficult

• Gorgeous graphics

• selected and exciting musical accompaniment

• interesting adventure story

• the ability to open a bug talents and skills, gathering them together

• you do not get stuck on a level because any level can be taken by force by pumping actions of the characters

• an opportunity to build a line with RPG-shaped evolution of heroes

• Fight with the slugs who came from Thunder Mountain

• Get information about the new features of the game



Download Best Fiends apk Free 42.52 MB version 1.0.6

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