Heroes Vs Villains - Heroes Against Villains


Heroes Vs Villains - Heroes against villain - a great puzzle game for Android. Do you remember the cartoons who watched as a kid? Love them to reconsider? Do you like good and evil characters? Then this interesting game from the developers of Inkero Games for you. The game is made in the genre of "three in a row" and is positioned by developers as the evolutionary development of the genre.

The essence of the game is that you need to collect three near identical representatives either good or evil. If you collect, they are transformed into another steeper character and so on ad infinitum, or until the field is not going to end. In general is quite simple and easy, but it is necessary to pay attention to the instructions. Representatives of good and evil are on the same playing field and, of course, is the confrontation between them that prevent you take more cells.

Characters will be different depending on which side you choose - good or evil. Here and manifest your preferences! (Ha ha). You will be familiar with the new character when it appears. Here remember cartoons you watched as a child. If the character is unknown, learn about it.

The game is not very dynamic, but provides an opportunity to turn gray matter and a little work, but also you will enjoy meeting up with old friends, cartoon characters from your childhood.

The main characteristics and advantages of Heroes against the evildoers:

· Pay attention to the instructions, because the game is not easy and no training will be difficult

· Characters - heroes of your favorite childhood cartoon

· The opportunity to compete with any player, thanks to cross-platform

· The game is created with a good sense of humor

· Peculiar use of the genre

· Free download

Negative properties Heroes against the evildoers:

· Donat again!

· Game does not inform you of the loss

Summary: The game is exciting, especially appeal to those who want to relax is not active in thinking about how to build a "three in a row," and those who remember and love the old cartoons.


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