Biotix: Phage Genesis


Biotix: Phage Genesis - good puzzle for Android. A pioneer in the development of games made in the format "about bacteria" is Plague Inc. Games in this format is becoming increasingly popular. The game has maintained a fairly successful combination of two genres - puzzles and tactical strategy, therefore, requires connection of the thinking capacity and a lot of thinking. The game is not easy and it becomes even more difficult in the second half.

In accordance with a simple and functional gameplay to create a new and powerful virus, which is close in common with the popular game as Starlink.

A simple but addictive and interesting idea of ​​the game is that each level is a set of three types of cells. For one type of cell is your virus belong to the second antibody, which are designed to withstand your virus, and the third are neutral cells. Level can pass if capture all cells that make quite simple - send to a cell number of microbes, which corresponds to the figure shown on the cage. Exercising a certain skill, speed and concentration, you can quickly grab all the cells. Passing level, you get a bonus that will help improve your virus.

Very comfortable control improves the quality of the game. Excellent design capable to surprise the most demanding users.

Main features and advantages of the game Biotix: Phage Genesis

· Simple and interesting gameplay

· The ability to create your own virus that has five properties

· Successful combination of strategy and puzzle

· Availability of multiplayer

· The possibility of a huge number of different viruses - up to one hundred thousand

· 30 levels

· Management simple and convenient

· Per game do not pay

Negative characteristics of the game Biotix: Phage Genesis

· Donat, though not powerful

· Unfortunately, the abundance of advertising

Summary: The representative of the genre and puzzles, and strategies may envy the quality of the game execution Biotix: Phage Genesis, which spoils the only large amounts of advertising.

Download Biotix: Phage Genesis apk Free 21.5 MB version 1.2

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