Candy Blast Mania: Turkey Day


Candy Blast Mania: Turkey Day - a new game, "three in a row" on Android devices from the creators of the popular game "Hunt for gems" and "Hunting the bubbles." "Three in a row" implies the formation of rows of identical objects, in this case of chocolates, complementing their taste others nearby. It seems to be easy, but to bring the process to a skill you will require considerable effort.

The action takes place in Honeydukes on Thanksgiving Day, in honor of whom the noble prepared dinner. Gummi bears the king along with his brothers engaged in unsavory business and steal pies throughout the kingdom! You must stop this insatiable gluttony! To do this you have to solve exciting puzzles, and fun, and as a reward for completing the "sweet" test to get gems. Collect candy and make stocks of mouthwatering lemon drops, jelly beans and gum. To stop the King bears scales in his irresistible urge to eat sweets, you just need to stun him with a long string of the same candy.

The game is framed so beautiful that can not pleasing to the eye.

The main properties of the game Candy Blast Mania: Turkey Day:

• More than 400 levels, with varying degrees of complexity

• Win King Gummi bears a fascinating battle mode

• candy magic wands or remove obstacles sovochki free and recharged, acting as a gain

• ability to compete on each level with your friends on Facebook

• in his journey through the kingdom, you will visit the Canyon cakes, creamy forest and other equally tasty locations

• weekly updates you receive a free new levels, new kinds of obstacles that must be overcome, and, of course, new delicious candy

It should be noted that despite the fact that the game Candy Blast Mania: Turkey Day is free, it contains items that you can buy is not for gaming, but for real money. To disable this feature in the application Google Play, press "Menu" button and select Settings (Settings), then the password (Use Password) and set the limit on purchases. To confirm the settings, follow the instructions on the screen.

A leading developer of social games for mobile devices on the Android platform is composed of studio TeamLava company Storm8. Storm8 company gains access to your personal information when your game Candy Blast Mania: Turkey Day is connected to social networks such as Facebook.

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