Wake the Cat

Game Logic puzzle


Wake the Cat - bright multicolored puzzle on Android. The essence of the game is that you need to get to the ball of yarn kitten to wake him up. The game is formed such that the first levels you successfully pass the training, after which you can easily answer in the future for any questions. Levels will get complicated, and you will have to include savvy and bring all their reaction to their successful passage. You need to calculate the trajectory to reach the kitten, and this principle is reminiscent of the game of billiards. Also, you need to choose the time of the throw so that the ball of flying between moving elements and other obstacles. As the level of complexity, their number will increase steadily. Help the kitten to get his favorite toy!

Kitten loves nap in different parts of the house, so you will visit different locations, beautifully and tastefully decorated. Everything in this game is executed perfectly, and the physics and graphics, and animation, and parts and paint and stuff. And how else, if the game is paid. But do not take the $ 2.5 - pleasure derived from the game is worth it to pay for it.

Key features and advantages of the game Wake the Cat:

· Implemented remarkably interesting idea

· The game contains 90 levels with three stars each

· Convenient simple operation

· Fluffy kitten causes emotion

· A variety of tasks and locations

· Gorgeous graphics and animation

· Can enjoy the game as adults and children

Negative characteristics of the game Wake the Cat:

· For a game you have to pay

Summary: love kittens? like puzzle games? $ 2 is not a pity? - Swing! When another scenario can search and other puzzles of the same quality, but not the fact that you can find something fundamentally better.


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