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Principia - Very good puzzle on the Android device. Games in this genre, which is based on the designer, the market of computer entertainment, especially for android, not very much, but rather the contrary. Developer company Bithack, at one time offered the market Apparatus. The most popular designer in the world - is the constructor LEGO, but it would be wrong to compare it with the proposed game, because the possibilities are almost limitless, as it can be implemented.

A huge number of fans, almost three million, appeared in the game when it came out for platforms other than the android, and now their number can increase significantly. What is the popularity of this game? His rich imagination you can implement in different designs, just to have enough detail! And mechanics, and electronics make the game very exciting and a great physics is exactly the same elements used in the construction.

Worlds, for which you construct, created by themselves, automatically, but at the same time you have the opportunity to acquire their own unique world. The game is a model that you can use, in addition, the developers made sure to inform you of the technological components and possibilities of use.

Advantages of the game Principia:

· Mechanics very pleasantly surprised

· Impeccable, easily perceived physics

· Create a design can be of more than 200 items

· In Campaign Mode game provides more than 50 levels

· All elements can be subjected to setting and recast

· Developers have taken care of regular updates

· System with electronics can be called one of a kind

Disadvantages of the game Principia:

· To pay for the pleasure! Approximately $ 3.5

· Is a pity that there is no transfer functionality elements from English into Russian

Summary: convinced that the money paid for the game, will not be wasted, because this amazing game that requires the player to logical thinking, is worth it.


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