Space Line


Space Line - good puzzle on Android. You play billiards? You know, working on a billiard table are certain laws of physics. You will soon face the laws of "billiard table" than the laws of physics operating in outer space by playing Space Line. Your task - to connect a line of the same color of the planet, which you need to move them in a certain way. It was then, and come to the aid of the laws "billiard table"!

Number of movements is limited, you can lose by making unnecessary movement. Also, limit the length of a line to connect the world. There are black holes (like the pockets on a pool table). Planet disappears if falls into a black hole. Interference are asteroids scattered around the playing field. They create noise and, if not succeed in overcoming them, can lead to a loss level.

Features clearance. What color scheme can offer space? Black and black again. Incidentally, puzzles (and the game refers to this genre) is not characteristic of the variety of colors. Planet, which must bind, and asteroids that act as barriers to look a little better than the background. Overall, the game is framed very cautiously.

Main features of the game Space Line:

· Pretty addictive puzzle game

· Is generally accepted that the issue of space in computer games are always popular

· Good physics, but not space, and a billiard room

· Interest rates

· For a game no need to pay

Negative characteristics of the game Space Line:

· Well very simple decoration

· Advertisement appears directly on the playing field

· There are paid items

Conclusion: The game contains exciting levels with a decent implementation, but is characterized by extreme simplicity and mediocre design. There Donath and advertising. If you can not be too demanding, you can download and play, the game is quite suitable for a leisurely pastime.


Download Space Line apk Free 23.06 MB version 1.0.01

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