Push The Squares


Push The Squares - excellent puzzle game on Android. You can download the game and enjoy a simple solution, but at the same time a fascinating puzzle. The essence of the game - in its name. If you do a literal translation from English, it sounds like a push squares than you and you will need to do, but not recklessly, and applying the logic of thinking in order to achieve a positive result.

In accordance with the gameplay you will see a field of 5 × 5 squares. On the field - red and blue stars and two squares of the same color with the image on them with arrows. The arrows indicate the direction of movement of the squares to absorb asterisk corresponding color. On the one hand is pretty simple, but if the star misses the trajectory of a square, you need to think how to absorb. Squares, moving each other can help one another to absorb an asterisk. With each level game becomes more complicated - there are stars and squares of other colors, as well as teleports, with which you can change the direction of the square. As with any puzzle game, in order to achieve a positive result, you need to think several moves ahead.

Positive properties game Push The Squares:

· Simple but very attractive graphics

· Stunning design

· The menu is simple and comfortable

· Exciting task of determining the level of complexity

· A large number of levels (over a hundred)

· Do not have to pay

Negative properties game Push The Squares:

· Occasionally there is advertising, usually between levels

· Not enough modes!

Summary: The developers of Ketchapp - just clever because managed to create such a high quality game products. Puzzling low rating and lack of popularity of the game, so we want to play yet found her a million and more is better! admirers.

Download and enjoy!


Download Push The Squares apk Free 3.79 MB version 1.0.0

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