Escape from Yepi Planet


Escape from Yepi Planet - good game on Android. You can define as an arcade game with puzzle elements, a kind of combination, trivial at first glance, but quite fascinating, if you play. On the beautiful green planet called Yepi among forests and animals live - not tuzhatsya local humanoids that look like teddy bears. Instead ears they antenna. Wonderful planet Yepi attacking aliens from another planet, and the locals are forced to defend themselves, moreover, the leader of the kidnapped girlfriend, so your task - to help him find her and release.

Gameplay is organized so that each level brings to you a new task that allows you to go to the next level. It should be noted that the problem in this game interesting and practically repeated. Jobs are not simple, but do not worry if it does not turn at once, because you have an unlimited number of attempts. For example, such a task in front of you: you are sitting on the branch of a tree that needs to be bent to go to the next level. It must be some way to force the animal to tilt this branch. Try to steal the enemy spaceship or move into the swine, that perform the following tasks.

Registration, unfortunately, leaves much to be desired. Graphics using 2D technology is simple, the picture is not impressive, because attention is not paid to detail, and the animation looks rough. May not like acidity coloring.

Key features and advantages of the game Escape from Yepi Planet:

· On each level fascinating not like in other games, and virtually no repetitive tasks

· Kiddies like modern-akseleratov

· For the game did not have to pay

Negative characteristics of the game Escape from Yepi Planet:

· Poor clearance

· Gameplay takes a little time

· The game is not translated into other languages

· Catches advertising

Conclusion: At first glance the game does not deserve attention, but, oddly enough, the gameplay fun and exciting, so that it becomes a shame that the game ended so quickly.


Download Escape from Yepi Planet apk Free 21.2 MB version 1.0.12

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