Thief Lupin 2


Thief Lupin 2 - good game for Android. As the name suggests, this is the second part of the game, once very popular in many countries, according to the downloads, the amount of which exceeded five million. Both parts of the game for free, but the new game in the substantial absence of advertising have problems with energy, which is very slowly recovering, if you do not pay. Agree, this is annoying! As the saying goes, "necessity is the mother of invention", so there is a solution - play intermittently short bouts, but for many this is not acceptable.

You will have to dip into the alien world, as your character - a thief who specializes in stealing artifacts from the world famous historical sites. The main task - to get you caught, and you will act against monsters, vampires, and other predatory fish. In order to commit theft and confront opponents, you need to break your head over the solution of many problems.

Advantages of the game Thief Lupin 2:

· Comfortable control

· Clear and uncomplicated

· Attractive graphics

· Good music

· Five characters, each in their own unique

· A large number of levels - more than 150

· 5 worlds

· We need to take more than a hundred artifacts

Negative characteristics of the game Thief Lupin 2:

· For energy storage requires you Donat

· Slow accumulation of energy

· Developers in order opererativnom eliminate bugs

Summary: If you have the patience (which you need to store energy) play because the game is actually very good.


Download Thief Lupin 2 apk Free 22.12 MB version 1.0.3

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