Peasoupers - silhouettes game on Android. Probably because it is now fashionable - black silhouette of actors, the situation is also made in the form of silhouettes, from time to time can be seen somehow greenish sky with clouds and stars. This design is very suitable puzzle, the more decent, requiring maximum connect brainpower. Shaggy square - is the main protagonist. It can generate the same squares, like himself, thus giving yourself the opportunity to pass the barriers and overcome difficulties. You need to get to the portal, which will go to the next level, which place the ladder, build bridges and other facilities that will help you with this.

Very simple and undemanding schedule is likely to fit a complex puzzle, but there are small problems with the abundance of black, which makes the gloom, although it looks quite modern.

On the musical accompaniment developers do not bother, but the animations and sounds good and definitely give pleasure. Why not fill up your Toy Library carefully executed puzzle, besides, it's free!

The basic properties of the game Peasoupers:

· Each level advances to solve interesting problems

· Is quite complicated, requires reflection

· A large number of levels - 75

· Quality of passing a level determined by the amount received stars - strive for the best

· Keep records of wins

· For the game does not have to pay

Negative characteristics of the game Peasoupers:

· Monotone that bothers

· Contains elements of pay

· Music is not enough!

Summary: standing, if you do not find fault with the very design of the game in the genre of puzzles, allowing you to really spend a couple of hours.


Download Peasoupers apk Free 38.93 MB version 1.0

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