Back to Bed

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Back to Bed - good puzzle for Android. If the developers make the game a fee (namely those is this game!), So they are willing to offer something new and interesting. During the game you have to pay almost four dollars, and the decision to do it or not, each user receives their own. Among paid puzzles a lot of good, able to surprise experienced player. Back to Bed - one of them.

Looking at the design, you can immediately understand that the game is paid. You will be surprised and simply enchant stunning graphics in the form of exquisite animated pictures, carefully thought-out and executed in 3D quality. Design breakthrough can be called syurrelisticheskie images of landscapes in the spirit slavnoizvestnogo Dali. Not all accept syurreliazm, there are supporters, there are opponents, but that's cool, you can not fail to recognize. Crazy clearance!

According to the storyline, which is by the way quite uncomplicated, your hero, by the way, gets a sleepwalker in a parallel world of dreams. Your task - to help him back to bed and forget soundly. Move your lunatic is on the platforms and could collapse if it appears at the very edge. In this way if it starts again. Way, way, showed the following. You can protect your hero from the dangers of using a large green apple, which you bring a dog with a human face (?!).

In addition to payment, the game has one major drawback - it's control, which may nullify all the advantages of the game. With the management is very difficult to cope with, it is necessary to develop and need to get used to it, so be prepared.

The main characteristics and advantages of the game Back to Bed:

· The original surreal world, causing delight and admiration

· Excellent sound and music, very thoughtful

· No easy task, so are of interest

· Unique isometric levels

· The winner in a large number of nominations

· Full of positive!

Negative characteristics of the game Back to Bed:

· For the game you need to pay approximately $ 4

· Disgusting management

Summary: imperfect control, which clearly needs some work, diminishes the dignity of the game. The game can be described as excellent, excellent, excellent, and just super if not for the problem with the control. You can try to adapt to it or wait until it will in accordance with the high level of the game.


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