Light in the Dark


Light in the Dark - a good puzzle for Android. Similar interesting puzzles found in the market. The action takes place on one screen and is complicated by the level of damage.

It's hard to say that there are some distinct plot. The pyramids in Egypt, in the catacombs, living beings. "Tribe" of creatures composed of several adults and children. Children rubbed in elaborate underground rooms and your task - to find them. How can this be done? First, simply, and then harder and harder, because an increasing number of both children and adults. Find children can, highlighting the place where they are located, and zazher asterisk, and the brighter the better. As the levels progress, the child need a certain color to highlight the light of the same color. Situations are built so that you have to move Bashers!

It is necessary to note the good quality of the game, but there is one big drawback - you have to pay for the game at $ 2. But this is not the most annoying! Just in the game, there are elements which purchase can cost up to $ 15. Is it worth it?

Positive qualities of the game Light in the Dark:

· Characterized by the simplicity and clarity of

· The possibility of long-term development

· Interesting and unusual gameplay

· Puzzle - it is always a charge for the brain

· About a hundred levels, a lot of

· The possibility of increasing the number of levels in the updates

· Thirty achievements

· Their achievements can be shared with friends on social networks

· Complex drop it offer tips

Negative qualities of the game Light in the Dark:

· Unreasonably high prices

· Rather weak storyline

· Not good graphics

· A lot of similar games on the market

Summary: a puzzle - it's pretty popular genre for android, so the market of computer entertainment there are plenty of entertaining and, mind you! Free puzzles that provide exquisite dishes for your gray matter. The question arises - is it worth paying for this puzzle, if you can get a similar charge.


Download Light in the Dark apk Free 42.36 MB version 1.1.0

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