Pongo Combo


Pongo Combo - very good puzzle for Android. Creating a second version of the game, the developers have tried their best, corrected and made it much better.

Firstly, there is a storyline. At one desert island inhabited by a wide variety of bird species. These birds were the main sound environment of the island. Arriving on the island, poachers stole many birds, which was the signal for the big gorilla to fight for their liberation. Poachers put birds in containers on ships. Your task - from simple to complex - is that you need to push the containers, tilting it to the left or right. Faced containers open. Go through the first ten levels, you'll encounter this challenging puzzle game where you will need to push the containers in which are birds of the same species.

Has undergone changes and financial policies of the developer. In previous versions of the basic terms of gameplay - the life and energy - you had to buy, although the game is generally marketed as a tax free. The new version of the game offers us infinite energy and infinite number of lives for the passage of nearly 1,000 game levels. Although some elements of the content were paid. The developers have done a good gift to all fans of puzzle games.

Positive qualities of the game Pongo Combo:

· Huge number of levels

· Impressive graphics

· Good interesting storyline

· Entertaining job

· You can download the game without money, more opportunities free of charge

Negative qualities of the game Pongo Combo:

· More to taste children, adults do not always

· There is no physics

Summary: The long game that can certainly inspire both children and adults, all fans of this genre.


Download Pongo Combo apk Free 24.72 MB version 1.0.1

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